RAM Ride & Drive

RAM Ride & Drive Debuts at the Houston Auto Show

RAM ridedrive

RAM Trucks is brining a 25,000-square-foot track providing one-of-a-kind, interactive experience for consumers attending the 2014 Houston Auto Show, January 22-26, at the Reliant Center.

The Ram test track is an interactive adventure zone demonstrating the power and capabilities of the Ram Truck brand vehicle lineup. Professional drivers steer attendees through the interactive course in the Ram 1500 named Motor Trend and Texas Truck of the Year. Key track features include a "can't miss" hill climb, where passengers get to experience first-hand the traction capabilities of a Ram Truck while climbing the 13-foot high, 30-yard long, 30-degree iconic Ram Mountain. Riders can expect to be sitting over 17-feet off the ground as they sit atop the Ram Mountain. The Ram test track includes a 12 x 25-foot section of terrain simulating fallen logs that highlight ground clearance, a steel articulation demo that demonstrates the body strength of a Ram, a series of off-set steel ribbons that showcase the suspension capability and a 30-degree wedge that reveals the stability and ride quality of a Ram Truck.

Participating riders will be automatically entered into the Chrysler Group National Giveaway for a change to win $45,000 toward any eligible Chrysler Group vehicle. Test-ride participants 17 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and be at least 44 inches tall.

A mini-Ram course will be adjacent to the Ram Ride & Drive, where kid-sized Ram Trucks will be available for the younger set.

The Ram Ride & Drive will be open during all hours of the Houston Auto Show and any additional media requests beginning January 22.

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