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A new and forward-thinking exhibit area of the Houston Auto Show is the “Energy Pavilion—Where Transportation and Energy Connect.” A dedicated space will provide attendees a fascinating and engaging experience focused on innovations in transportation energy technology.

The Energy Pavilion offers companies with energy-related technologies the opportunity to tell their story directly to consumers with face to face interactions. Leveraging the phenomenal attendance of the show, exhibitors will be able to introduce, explain, demonstrate, and educate about the advances their companies have invested on behalf of consumers.

Your target audience will be at the Houston Auto Show in January—meet them there and showcase the innovation your company has achieved!

To harness the power of the Houston Auto Show’s Energy Pavilion, contact Fierce Endeavors, our exclusive exhibit promotions and production company.

For additional information and a contract, please contact :

Pamela Garza
Office: 254-375-2260
Cell: 214-675-4876

Matthew Schulte
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Cell: 713-553-5735

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